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The ISO certificate is defined as a group or number of certificates that indicate the application of the quality assurance system in the organization, institution, or association that obtains it, as it represents a guarantee of confirmation to a third party of the ability of the organization that obtained it to meet the specifications and standards required for quality regarding the product it provides, in addition to that. It indicates that its performance and activity have reached negotiating levels. It is worth noting that this certificate is divided into three types, and each certificate is applied in a specific type of institution. Types of ISO Certification ISO 9001 Quality Certification: This certification is applied to institutions that design, produce, and sell their products. ISO 9002 Quality Certificate: This certificate applies to institutions that produce and sell their products. ISO 9003 Quality Certification: This certification applies to organizations that sell products only

The importance of obtaining the ISO certificate is to increase and raise the company’s competitiveness, by improving the company’s general image in front of the consumer, and helping it distribute and launch its products within global markets, in addition to keeping up with the requirements of the World Trade Organization (INGAT). Providing and improving an ideal set of documents that can be considered a guide for technical and administrative data and procedures, in addition to helping to achieve good performance of all operations. Contributing to raising the company’s performance level, in addition to achieving the required adequacy and efficiency, in addition to reducing the interest resulting from production operations, and this is done by reducing returns or defects, which plays a major role in reducing the prices of services and goods that companies offer. Improving the level of links and relationships with customers. Empowering and assisting the company in carrying out self-evaluation and self-review. Raising the morale of the company’s employees, motivating them to work, in addition to encouraging them to assist in the periodic internal audits of the implemented system, and this in turn contributes to their reaching the best level in a way that makes them maintain the certificate that was granted to them, in addition to their reassurance that they are working within a documented system that is far from A far cry from traditional social work. Developing and maintaining quality, due to the attention and follow-up of the quality system for review and evaluation. Helping and supporting the company in achieving its own profitability goals, by reducing the cost of production, in addition to reducing the percentage of defects and spoilage, and contributing to increasing sales.

Our certificates
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