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Bolu city

About Bolu
Polo city

Bolu is a historic city located in northwest Turkey and lies about 240 kilometers south of Istanbul. Bolu is an ideal destination to relax and enjoy the beauty of its picturesque nature. The city is surrounded by charming terrain consisting of green hills and beautiful forests. You can do great picnics in the surrounding countryside and explore the spectacular landscape. Bolu also has many lakes and rivers that provide a quiet and refreshing environment for wandering, fishing and boating. You can visit the stunning Lake Apant and enjoy walking on its beautiful beaches or relax under its surrounding pine trees.

Facilities and benefits
Available payment plans and facilities

The project is considered ideal for obtaining Turkish citizenship


Payment plans and facilities available

The project provides flexible payment plans and facilities for customers, entrepreneurs and investors. Customers can benefit from flexible payment options and financial facilities that help them achieve their investment goals.


The possibility of loaning from the owner

The project allows customers to benefit from a loan service from the owner, where they can rent the property from the owner with the possibility of final ownership at a later date.


Resale Possibility

The project offers the possibility to resell properties, allowing customers to sell the property they bought in the project if they wish in the future.


Lease and Bank Mortgage

The project offers the possibility to lease properties to customers who want to invest them sustainably. In addition, customers can get loans from banks using the property as collateral, providing more options for investors.

This resort has several distinct features
benefits of the project

Therapeutic tourist Bolu is an ideal place to escape the stress of everyday life and enjoy a unique experience of comfort and regeneration. The resort combines specialized therapeutic care with a charming natural environment, providing guests with an opportunity to relax and restore the internal balance


Sulphur Water Pools

The resort has unique sulphur water pools, which are thought to carry therapeutic benefits for the skin and body. This water is characterized by its natural composition rich in minerals and known for its soothing and restored properties


Free of alcohol

The therapeutic resort of Bolu is a safe and completely alcohol-free environment, suiting guests who prefer to stay free of alcohol and enjoy a healthy and relaxing experience without confusion.


Private pools for men and women

The resort features private swimming pools for men and women to ensure privacy and comfort for guests. These pools have luxurious designs and integrated facilities to ideally meet the needs of guests

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Bolu Tourist Resort
Development of Bolu Tourist Resort

building and infrastructure

The resort has been started to build and develop the necessary infrastructure. Emphasis was placed on the use of high quality materials and the implementation of the highest construction standards.

Facilities and Services Processing

The facilities and services at the resort are equipped with the latest technology and equipment. Sulphur water pools and privacy pools are designed to fully meet guests' needs.

Equipping and Decoration

The resort is equipped with luxury furniture and decoration, with attention to fine detail to create an atmosphere of comfort and elegance.

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