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Bolu project

Bolu Therapeutic Tourism Resort, where we offer you a unique and exceptional experience to relax and rejuvenate in an environment completely free of alcoholic beverages. We are committed to providing a peaceful and relaxing place that allows you to escape from the stresses of everyday life and enjoy moments of calm and deep relaxation


Bolu project

Hatusha Liner
Bolu Tourist Therapeutic Resort

Complete relaxation and comfort in an alcohol-free environment

The Hattusha Liner Bolu project is a touristic and recreational health resort located in the Bolu area, extending over an area estimated at approximately 40,000 square meters. The resort consists of 7 residential buildings divided into 3 units, surrounded by forests and a beautiful lake, providing a calm and refreshing environment.

The area is characterized by the purity of the air and the beauty of the surrounding nature, making it an ideal place to relax and enjoy peace. The resort has hot sulfur water, which provides a unique and relaxing health experience for visitors.

A wide range of recreational activities are offered throughout the year and for all ages, such as forest safaris, skiing and barbecues. The resort contains all the facilities necessary for guests’ comfort, including restaurants, cafes, and commercial centers.

We provide distinguished services in our residential project. We care about ensuring complete privacy and comfort for our guests, which is why we have provided completely separate areas for women and men in the facilities. These areas are carefully designed to ensure a distinct unisex experience.

Hattusha Liner Bolu Project
Bolu Tourist Therapeutic Resort

Complete relaxation and comfort in an alcohol-free environment

The resort consists of…
It consists of 7 residential buildings divided into 3 luxury residential units.
Hotel rooms
Great wings
Small wings
The hotel rooms are distinguished by their elegance and modern design.
While the large suite (suite) consists of a spacious bedroom, a comfortable living area, and additional facilities such as a fully equipped kitchenette and a luxurious bathroom.
The junior suite has a comfortable bedroom and a small seating area. The resort offers a unique therapeutic experience and a variety of treatments and massages in a luxurious spa. Enjoy rest and relaxation at this luxurious resort surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Types of apartments




This resort has several distinct features
Project advantages

Complete relaxation and comfort in an alcohol-free environment

Sulfur water pools

The resort has unique sulfur water pools, which are believed to have therapeutic benefits for the skin and body. This water has a natural composition rich in minerals and is known for its soothing and restorative properties

The resort is alcohol-free

Bolu Therapeutic Tourist Resort is a safe and completely alcohol-free environment, which is suitable for guests who prefer to stay away from the alcoholic atmosphere and enjoy a healthy and comfortable experience without interference.

Private swimming pools for men and women

The resort features private swimming pools for men and others for women, in order to ensure privacy and comfort for guests. These swimming pools have luxurious designs and integrated facilities to perfectly meet guests' needs

Additional benefits


The resort's distinctive facilities include sulfur pools with heated water, where guests can enjoy relaxation and relaxation in natural waters that enhance a feeling of comfort and deep relaxation.



The pools are carefully designed to provide a unique experience and provide a calm and relaxing environment for relaxation. In addition, separate swimming pools are provided for men and women to ensure privacy and comfort



The resort also features a luxurious Turkish bath, where you can enjoy an experience that revitalizes the body, renews the spirit and purifies the skin. The Turkish bath is characterized by its warm and relaxing atmosphere, and provides many health benefits, including deep relaxation, improving blood circulation, and cleansing the skin.



The resort has a supermarket and modern cinema theaters equipped with the latest technology, where guests can watch new films and enjoy a luxurious cinematic experience. These theaters feature high-quality sound and picture, providing a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere to enjoy your favorite movies.

Facilities and benefits
Payment plans and facilities available

The project is considered ideal for obtaining Turkish citizenship


Payment plans and facilities available

The project provides flexible payment plans and facilities to customers, businessmen and investors. Clients can benefit from flexible payment options and financial facilities that help them achieve their investment goals.


Possibility of loan from the owner

The project provides the possibility for customers to benefit from the landlord loan service, where they can rent the property from the owner with the possibility of final ownership at a later time.


Possibility of resale

The project provides the possibility of reselling properties, allowing customers to sell the property they purchased in the project if they wish to do so in the future.


Possibility of leasing and bank mortgage

The project provides the possibility of renting real estate to clients who wish to invest in it sustainably. In addition, customers can obtain loans from banks using the property as collateral, providing more options for investors.

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